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  1. J.Crew | Blog: Star Wars All-Stars


    to celebrate our latest crewcuts tee collaboration with Lucasfilm, we spent a Sunday
    morning with Star Wars™ fanatics (and fans-to-be) in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood.
    here’s a look at some of the action on set…
    Have you ever been part of a photo shoot before?
    “I don’t do…

  2. modern-mike:

Alden boots.
  3. Sun King Eternal Promise of Spring. At The Tap in Bloomington, IN.
  4. Mickey Drexler

    Great video about J. Crew and the direction of retail business.

  5. Jenna Lyons

    This is a great article about the President of J. Crew, Jenna Lyons. Her story is unique and inspirational to all those who aspire to share their vision with the world. I especially appreciate her ability to collaborate with her team and get the best out of everyone.